Ring of Honor Windy City Excellence TV Taping Results and Photos (6/3): Episode One *Spoilers*

Ring of Honor Windy City exellence

The following are results of the Ring of Honor Windy City Excellence TV tapings taking place tonight. The following are results from episode one, courtesy of WZ’s Mike Killam.

Episode #1

Ian, Colt Cabana starting out on commentary. Colt gets a huge hometown pop from the crowd.

1. Flip Gordon vs. Jonathan Gresham. Gresham won by submission. Good match, lots of dives and counters. Alex Shelley came out and they put over Flip and congratulated him on signing a contract.

Interview with Josh Woods, 2017 Top Prospect winner. He criticized Kushida for being in Japan instead of here, and wants the TV title. Instead he calls out Jay Briscoe.

2. Silas Young vs. Bobby Fish. Awesome hard hitting back and forth. Very stiff. Young picked up the win. Fish got mad and starting throwing around chairs after the match.

3. Punishment Martinez vs. Jay White. White won in a good back and forth after a ton of attempts. Punisher powerbombed him into the guardrail after and the crowd chanted “you still lost”.

Cody Rhodes is out next. The lights went out and Christopher Daniels was standing behind him. A big brawl broke out with the crowd dueling chants between them. The ref came out to separate them but got thrown out of the ring to a huge pop. Daniels went crazy with right hands. More security. They attached them too and went back at it. Crowd is going insane. Cody hit the Disaster Kick but Chris dodged the CrossRhodes and they fought on the floor. Finally a heard of refs and officials got between them as the crowd chanted let them fight.