WWE Money in the Bank Results (6/18): Multiple Title Matches, Who are the New Ms. and Mr. Money in the Bank?, Lana Debuts and More

wwe money in the bank results

WWE Money in the Bank Results


Report by Lovell Porter for WrestleZone.com

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The Colons vs The Hype Bros.

Ryder and Epico start the match. Epico floors Ryder with a shoulder block. Ryder telegraphs a back body drop. Epico kicks Ryder in the shoulder. Epico hits the ropes and walks right into a dropkick by Ryder. Ryder tags in Rawley. Epico tags in Primo. Primo lands a few chops but Rawley fires up. Rawley drops into a four-point stands and shoulder blocks, Primo. Rawley tells Primo he isn’t hype before dropping him with a body slam. Ryder tags in and calls for the Broski boot. Epico pulls Primo out of the ring before Ryder can hit it. Ryder baseball slides both Primo and Epico. After a short break, Epico has Ryder in a single leg crab. The Colons take turns working over Ryder’s previously injured knee. Epico attempts a suplex. Ryder counters it into a neck breaker. Ryder tags in Rawley as Epico tags in Primo. Rawley clears the ring. Primo goes up top. Rawley catches Primo in midair and hits the hyperdrive. Ryder appears out of nowhere and hits the Broski boot. Ryder and Rawley hit the Hype Ryder for the win.

Winners- The Hype Bros.