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Nick “Magnus” Aldis Talks About His New Book “Alpha Meal”, Sting Advocating For Him In TNA, Reaction To Losing Title To Eric Young

Nick “Magnus” Aldis was a recent guest on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 1,2,360; you can read a few excerpts and watch the show here, or download the podcast audio on iTunes.

Nick “Magnus” Aldis comments on his upcoming book “Alpha Meal”:

I’m actually working on another one (Book) now but it’s more focused on food and it’s going to be a completely digital product and it’s going to be, “Alpha Meal” where it’s going to be, “Eat like a man right.” So eat right but not like boring chicken breasts and broccoli every day. Some really cool guys like Chael Sonnen and different guys have contributed to it and stuff. We’re kind of putting that together now but the secret is consistency and intensity. Those are the two things. You’ve got to get in there get it done and get out. Make sure whatever you are doing it’s a consistent thing because your body is the product of the last two to three months of work not the last two to three days.

Magnus talks about dropping the TNA World Championship to Eric Young:

Even when I dropped the title to EY (Eric Young), I know a lot people didn’t like that decision, but I did business for him. I was proud to do business for him because that’s what I always believed that the role of the champion was. To get yourself to the point, that when someone wins everyone really cares and that night people were crying, that’s the part of the business that I think doesn’t really exist anymore. I embrace that role…I can’t speak for everyone but  I don’t think there are guys that want to do that anymore, I think everybody wants to get the part themselves now.

Aldis talks about Sting always pushing for him in TNA:

For whatever reason he (Sting) always was an advocate for me. He went out of his way to say, ‘I think this kid has something,” he would constantly be like ‘What are you doing with Magnus now, what’s going on next for him?’  He went out of his way when he didn’t have to. He took an interest in me, would come and sit with me and ask me these questions and go ‘Wow, I really think you’ve got something.’ So, then when the time was right, they felt I was ready for the next level as a singles guy, Sting was the one who said,  ‘I want him in the Main Event Mafia’….he laid the whole thing out. At first they wanted Sting to go over, they were gonna have Sting beat me at the PPV…Sting was the one that was like ‘Nope, that’s not happening…He’s gonna beat me.’ I can’t even tell you what that meant to me.

Aldis talks about why he left TNA:

TNA didn’t have the money to match my contract. We talked about why I didn’t go to WWE so, I would be open to the idea but I would use it for leverage to get a better deal in my contract came up. In my mind, maybe it was naive considering I’m not there now, I always thought there is time for that, that can comes, but for now, I can make good money here. I had some really good years in TNA….I didn’t have that many late checks and they took good care of me. Don’t get me wrong, nothing like the kind of money you would make in WWE but TNA would pay for my hotels and take care of me.