Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

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Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

WrestleZone’s Lovell Porter was granted the opportunity today to speak with Impact Wrestling star Rosemary.

You can find some highlights from WrestleZone’s interview with Rosemary below.

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On the creation of Demon Assassin character:

Rosemary: The Demon Assassin character began in SMASH Wrestling in Toronto. It was a slow burn… it was born out of my career-long feud with Cherry Bomb (Impact Wrestling’s Allie) that spanned multiple independent promotions. I wanted to create a darker character, and have it go head-to-head with her to create a different incarnation of or feud. The original idea came into my head while Courtney Rush (Rosemary) was in Shimmer tagging with Sara Del Rey. When that eventually dissolved it was because Sara turned on Courtney. I had the idea of everyone Rush trusted eventually turn on her to spiral her down into a place where she didn’t trust anyone. After Sara turned on her, Vanessa Kraven turned on her and back in shimmer we had someone not turn on her but get taken out of a tag match to make it look like she hadn’t been there. Courtney started to get delusional and started to believe everyone was turning on her. It was a year’s long story of everyone “betraying” Courtney. When we got back to SMASH, there was a tag match where even though we won it ended with Kimber Bombs cut Courtney’s hair which was the last straw. At that point, Courtney embraced and summoned a demon to bring out the darker, untrusting, hateful, vengeful, violent side of her and she went to a completely different zone with it.

It ended up being at that point, and completely unintentionally, Cherry Bomb ended up breaking her collarbone just as we did the turn, so it added another year to the feud in SMASH as she was recovering. After summoning the demon, we still couldn’t get out hands on Cherry Bomb because she wasn’t cleared to wrestle, which spiraled her deeper and deeper and deeper until Courtney complete snaps. While having a match with her best friend KC Spinelli, the demon took over and she basically murders Spinelli. That is where the demon was originally born. It just so happened that Impact Wrestling was looking to form Decay and needed a dark girl to go with the and Eric Young who I am close with and who had a hand in my training. I trained with Scott D’Amore but I was an adopted student of EY. I was close to a lot of his students like Crazzy Steve, Jake O’Reilly and Sean Spears (Tye Dillinger). EY suggested Impact look at me for the group and that’s how I got my foot in the door. The Demon Assassin was 100% our brainchild I just adapted it to take the next step Impact Wrestling.

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