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Bill Eadie On Why Demolition Isn’t In The WWE HOF, Talks Working With Mr Fuji, Succeeding In The WWF Tag Division

Demolition’s Axe (Bill Eadie) recently spoke with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard’s Week In Wrestling; you can read a few highlights below:

Demolition’s Ax talks about meshing with everyone in the WWF tag team scene: 

“Everybody wanted to work with us because Barry [Smash] Darsow and me wanted to have the best possible match of the night. We strove to do the best we could do that night, and guys realized that if they were going to work with us, they were going to make money and have an exciting match.”

Ax says Demolition is not in the WWE Hall Of Fame due to their lawsuit against the company: 

“I’m almost certain it’s because of the lawsuit. It could happen, it might not happen, but Barry and I know that the fans know that Demolition should be in the Hall of Fame. We have the satisfaction of knowing we should be in there, and the fans tell us that every time we go out to sign.”

Demolition Comments On What It Would Take To Have Them Accept A WWE Hall Of Fame Nomination

Eadie comments on Mr Fuji helping bring the team success: 

“Fuji was a prankster, but we were off-limits because he must have thought we would retaliate. When Fuji was with us, he was almost like our real manager. He would critique all of our matches, and we always listened. He was an integral party in our team, and the people associated Fuji as our manager, mentor, and trainer, and when he jumped to the Powers of Pain, that really made the people think he was a real vindictive person.”