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Impact Wrestling Results (7/19): Aries Attack Moose, Pentagon Jr. Plays Mind Games With Callihan, Final Hype For Slammiversary

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Petey Williams vs Killer Kross

Williams tries to lay in a few kicks. Kross grits his teeth and takes it without budging. Williams tries to Irish whip Kross. Kross doesn’t budge. Williams leaps onto Kross. Kross drives Williams into the corner. Kross fires up. Williams fires up. Williams goes for another kick but Kross catches Williams’ leg. Kross suplexes Williams clear across the ring. Kross tosses Williams to the other side of the ring. Williams throws an elbow. Kross catches Williams’ arm between his shoulder and jaw. Kross lands a huge exploder suplex. Williams manages to hit the springboard codebreaker. Williams calls for the Canadian Destroyer. Kross counters into the Doomsday Siato. Kross puts Williams in the Kross Jacket. The referee is about to stop the match but Kross tells him not to. Kross tells Williams to hit him with the Canadian Destroyer. Kross bends over to allow Williams to hook him. Williams can’t get Kross over. Kross stands up with Williams on his shoulders. Kross blast Williams with an Alabama Slam. Kross puts Williams back in the Kross Jacket. Williams passes out.

Winner- Killer Kross

After the match, Kross lays the Kross symbol on Williams.