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The Miz Talks SummerSlam Being The ‘Nail In The Coffin’ For ‘Coward’ Daniel Bryan’s Career

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WWE’s Cathy Kelley recently interviewed The Miz ahead of his SummerSlam encounter with long-time rival and inspirational favorite Daniel Bryan. The Miz held nothing in back in his assessment of Bryan.

He opened up about his memorable Talking Smack encounter with then Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan,


“I go on to Talking Smack, by the way I wasn’t on the show. I wasn’t on Smackdown LIVE. I was told as the Intercontinental Champion, ‘We don’t have time for you today.’ So, I was a little upset. Daniel Bryan was the general manager. He’s the person that can get things done, right? So I go on there and my general manager, my boss, quote unquote boss, tells me he doesn’t like my style of wrestling, thinks I’m a coward, and I’m soft.”

The Miz continued,

“He started the whole thing. He called me a coward…but saying that I’m a soft style of wrestling while you’re sitting there and you can’t go in the ring and perform while I’m in there day in and day out working to make a title prestigious and relevant like I remember it as a child and you’re gonna tell me that? It’s just not gonna happen.”

The Miz believed Bryan was going to escalate things to a physical level,

“I thought this guy was gonna hit me in the face. He always talks about punching me in the face, punch me in the face, what did he do? Turned around and walked away. Turned around and walked away, is that fighting for your dreams? Who’s a coward? A coward walks away, am I right?”

The Miz closed the Bryan talk with the following,

“Everyone says this is eight years in the making. Yeah, I’ve had eight years to literally carry Daniel Bryan on my back and I’m just relieved that SummerSlam will finally be the nail in the coffin for Daniel Bryan’s career because the fact is this is Daniel Bryan’s prove it match. He doesn’t beat me then I honestly can fully tell everyone that his return has been a bust because up until right now it has been a bust. He has to beat me. Let’s put it that way. If he wants to prove to the WWE Universe, if he wants to prove to everyone that Daniel Bryan’s return isn’t a bust, well, it’s gonna suck when he loses.”

Readers interested in watching Cathy Kelley’s full interview with The Miz may do so below:

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

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