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Impact Wrestling Redefined Results (8/30): Cage Defends Against Fenix, Huge Tag Team Main Event, More

Report By Lovell Porter for

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X-Division Championship Match: Brian Cage (c) vs Fenix

Cage tries a clothesline but Fenix backflips under it. Fenix and Cage trade strike attempts and flips. Cage catches Fenix with a 619. Fenix does a multiple springboard arm drag. Cage falls out of the ring. Fenix tries a dive but Cage runs back into the ring and hits another clothesline. Cage deadlift delay suplexes  Fenix from out of the ring, in. Cage tosses Fenix clear across the ring with a fallaway slam. Cage runs into a superkick by Fenix. Fenix dives off the top. Cage catches Fenix and hits a spin-out side effect. Fenix counters a roaring clothesline by Cage with a superkick. Cage tosses Fenix out to the ramp. Cage tries to powerbomb Fenix on the ramp.

Fenix escapes and hits a rolling cutter on the ramp. Double foot stomp by Fenix. Fenix sends Cage back into the ring. Fenix lands a swanton for a near fall. Superkick by Cage. Cage drops Fenix with a torture rack DVD for a near fall. Fenix counter Weapon X with a sunset flip. Cage kicks out. Rolling double stomp by Fenix. Cage manages to kick out yet again. Fenix tries a springboard but Cage catches Fenix. Cage F5s Fenix. Fenix’s foot lands on the rope to break the pin. Fenix surprises Cage with a double foot stomp tot he back. Cage falls to the outside. Fenix tries a suicide dive. Cage catches Fenix on his shoulder in a suplex position. Cage suplexes Fenix on the floor. Cage wheelbarrow neck-breakers Fenix. Fenix kicks out at two.

Cage goes up top. Fenix springboards up top and kicks Cage in the face. Cage responds by diving off the top and dropping Fenix with a tornado DDT. Cage goes back up top. Fenix kicks Cage in the head. Fenix tries the Spanish fly. Cage shrugs Fenix off. Cage pulls Fenix up top and hits a top rope powerbomb for the win!

Winner and Still X-Division Champion, Brian Cage!

After the match, oVe hits the ring and attacks Fenix and Pentgon Jr. Cage starts to walk away. Cage drops the title and runs back to the ring. Cage destroys each member of oVe.