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The Young Bucks’ 5 Best Matches

the young bucks
Photo Credit: AXS TV

The Young Bucks are not only one of the most entertaining in-ring acts in the world, but they’re also one of the most creative. They’ve really taken it to another level, proving that you don’t need to sign with WWE to be a successful wrestler. Their merchandise sales alone earn them more than their wrestling, but it’s the clear passion and dedication they have towards the business that keeps them going.

They could easily retire in a few years and be happy, but most chances are that they won’t because for them it’s about a lot more than just money. It’s their legacy and what they make of themselves. It’s incredible to think that at one point, they were considered “TNA rejects”. It took two brothers with the will and creativity to make something special out of themselves and become among the biggest non-WWE stars in the world of wrestling.

Their high-flying style is one of the most exciting to watch, and has resulted in multiple tag team classics. Let’s take a look at the best work from The Young Bucks!

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