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5 Best WWE Matches Of 2017

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

2017 was an undoubted dip in terms of quality of the WWE product. The brand split created a lot of interest and gave each brand its own identity again. This resulted in SmackDown Live becoming the hottest wrestling show in the world, with the superstars of the blue brand getting major opportunities.

Of course, history was always going to repeat itself and like the previous edition, WWE felt that SmackDown’s success meant that they needed to take top SmackDown stars and move them over to RAW. The Superstar Shake-Up failed greatly that way, because the quality of both brands severely dipped.

It didn’t help that SmackDown was being centered around Jinder Mahal, who turned from jobber to main eventer in the span of one week. Even superstars like Bray Wyatt, who had major momentum at the start of the year, found themselves in creative limbo once again. However, the quality of matches wasn’t compromised too much and we had to spend time to really pick out which we felt were the five best matches of 2017.

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