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Impact Wrestling Results (9/20): Austin Aries Defends Against Texano, More

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Aerostar, Laredo Kid, Hijo Del Vikingo vs oVe

Everyone squad off. After a series kicks the only man left standing is Kid. Kid boots Dave in the face. Dave falls to the outside. Kid sets up a dive but Jake cuts him off. Series of kicks by Jake. Kid fall to the outside. Aerostar takes Jake over with a top rope arm drag. Callihan clotheslines Aerostar. Vikingo dropkicks Callihan. Springboard ranna by Vikingo. Vikingo tries to dive to the outside onto oVe, they catch him and triple powerbomb him on the apron. Kid goes up top with Aerostar. Aerostar stands on Kid’s shoulders and dives to the outside.

Top rope moonsault by Kid. Kingo hits a shooting star press to the outside. Vikingo gets double superkicked. Running boot by Callihan. Vikingo kicks out. Double cutter by Aerostar. Springboard code breaker by Aerostar. Moonsault, 450 splash, shooting star press combo by Aerostar, Vikingo, and Kid. Triple tombstone piledrivers by oVe. oVe hits the All-Seeing Eye on Vikingo for the win.

Winners- oVe

Backstage, Matt Sydal tries to convince Rich Swann that he wants to guide him and not fight him. Sydal says they should be a tag team. Sydal wants to face the Lucha Bros. Swann says that’s a good idea. Sydal tells Swann to follow him. Swann tells Sydal to keep up.