Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results (10/11): The Cease-Fire Is Over, Allie Has Sold Her Soul, Final Hype For Bound For Glory

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Trevor Lee vs Jack Evans vs Puma King vs Petey Williams 

After Williams and Puma King toss Evans into Lee, Puma King superkicks Lee. Puma King and Williams trade pin attempts. Williams trips Puma King into the ropes. Williams drop kicks Puma King in the back. Lee tosses Williams clear across the ring before clotheslining Evans off the apron. Lee stomps Williams in the corner. Lee tries a delay vertical suplex. Williams reverses it into a tilt-a-whirl head scissors/side Russian leg sweep. Williams tries the Canadian Destroyer but Lee escapes. Williams puts Lee in the sharpshooter.

Puma King breaks up the hold. Backflip dropkick by Williams. Evans tries a standing moonsault but Williams gets his knees up. During a tackle/dropdown spot, Puma King dropkicks Lee in the but. Diving codebreaker by Puma King. Evans hits a tumbling head kick while Puma King was on the top rope. 630 by Evans. Evans pops to his feet and walks right into a standing foot stomp by Lee. Williams pins Lee after the Canadian Destroyer.

Winner- Petey Williams

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