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X-Pac On Chyna Entering The WWE Hall Of Fame With DX: ‘It’s A Win’

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman spoke with TMZ recently, and said Chyna getting into the WWE Hall Of Fame is a win whether it’s as a solo wrestler or in a group.

Waltman spoke about this week’s announcement, saying he was blown away and the news caught him off guard. He added, “wrestling is my life, and it’s the honor of a lifetime,” and cited Chyna finally getting recognition for her career.

In regards to some fans being upset that The Ninth Wonder Of The World isn’t getting a solo induction, X-Pac said he understands the sentiment, but that viewpoint shouldn’t diminish the group induction:

“I totally understand where they’re coming from. There’s… of course she deserves to go in by herself. The accomplishments that she made even after leaving WWE were huge. She fought a man in the Tokyo Dome for New Japan Pro-Wrestling; women have never before or since wrestled in a New Japan ring. That’s huge. Of course she deserves to go in by herself, but there’s only so many slots per year for the Hall Of Fame; it is still a show that people watch.

I’m just grateful to be going in. I hope that the people that think [she should go in on her own] are still grateful that she’s still going in [with D-Generation X]. This is a win, and sometimes we should just take the win.

Waltman also said he thinks Chyna would be very grateful to be going in with this year’s HOF class, citing it was something she campaigned for before she passed away. Check out the full clip below:

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