Ronda Rousey
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE Bleacher Creatures: Ronda Rousey, The Rock, Ric Flair and Finn Bálor Review (Photos)

If you love collecting unique WWE memorabilia and happen to enjoy stuffed animals, then the WWE Bleacher Creatures from Uncanny Brands may interest you! These have been around for a few years now and they continue to release the latest superstars in plush form. Not to mention they have some really awesome looking ones coming soon as well! You can currently get them on or on

Ronda Rousey

Ronda comes in her entrance attire and pretty much her signature gear. She has a cloth ponytail, a cloth coat that is separate than her body and even a cloth mini-kilt. The likeness is okay as of course they are like cartoon versions of them and they almost look like Muppets to me, too, which is kind of cool for nostalgic purposes. She has the little mole on her face, which is an awesome touch as these don’t feature a ton of detail since they’re plush. If you don’t own any of the previous ones they do have like flat feet with a cardboard-like base that allows them to stand up. Some stand up better than others and the older ones, like The Rock, used to come with a cardboard stand to help you display them easier.

The Rock

The Rock comes in his wrestling attire as well as with a t-shirt on. The shirt is part of his body than a separate piece of cloth over his body. You can see the “Just Bring It” logo on the front and the Brahama Bull logo designs on the back. He also has designs on his trunks and he features elbow pads and knee pads. Not to mention his signature eyebrow raise, which is a nice touch. Rock does include the cardboard stand, which is nice for display purposes as you don’t have to worry about him falling over as easily if you have them displayed on a shelf.

Ric Flair

Flair is a fun one as he comes with his robe. His robe is separate, but sewn to his body to create the illusion he is indeed wearing it. They did a nice job recreating the look as the color and wrists are fluffy to resemble the feathers on his robe. He is wearing blue trunks underneath and the robe says “Nature Boy” on the back with the butterfly designs. The likeness on Flair is pretty good in my opinion as I feel it looks him a bit compared to some of the others.

Finn Bálor

Bálor is a pretty cool one. I like how they recreated his leather jacket as it is also sewn to his body to create the illusion he is wearing it, but it is actually a different material than the rest of him. It says “Bálor Club” on the back as well, which is a nice touch, as well as features the jacket-like zippers and other designs. It also says “Bálor Club” on his trunks and he has designs on his kick pads, which are a bit tough to see. Bálor has fluffy hair compared to just sewn hair, which is a nice touch that makes his pop a bit more compared to others they’ve made.


I think these are pretty cool and are great for kids if you prefer these to the action figures. It’s fun, to me, to collect unique items of the superstars you like and they’ve got plenty to choose from. I have a Strowman and Daniel Bryan from the past but they have so many wrestlers to pick from. Be sure to get them while you can as some become harder to come by than others as time goes on. They have several coming soon, like a Bálor in blue, Rey Mysterio, Seth Rollins, Macho Man, Becky Lynch and others you can currently only pre-order on the Bleacher Creature website. I look forward to getting my hands on some of those!

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