Collector’s Corner: WWE Elite 68 Collector’s Edition – Pat Patterson (Photos)

Today we’ll take a look at the Walmart Exclusive WWE Elite 68 Collector’s Edition Pat Patterson figure. Pat is just starting to show up at Walmart stores with Elite 68, so if you’re looking for him start checking yours! Walmart is currently doing toy aisle resets so he shouldn’t be quite as difficult to find as long as you are on top of your store stocking the shelves.

The Packaging

Pat actually stands out like a sore thumb in this series as Elite 68 comes in a very colorful Summer Slam package while Pat on the other hand comes in the all white packaging as most Elites do. So if you’re hurrying into the toy aisle to find him you can usually spot him right away from a distance, at least I did.

Pat comes packed with a riot helmet, swappable open hands and a cloth t-shirt and pants. It’s hard to believe this is his very first WWE action figure to my knowledge, making him even more sought after. On the back of the box it shows an image of him in the outfit from an Attitude Era moment as well as some statistics about him.

The Head Sculpt

I feel Mattel did a nice job on his scan. It looks just like him at an older age of course and my favorite part about his sculpt is that they lightly painted gray into his blonde hair to show he is older. Not to mention the riot helmet he comes with fits on his head just fine, which you can see in the gallery below.

The Attire

Pat comes with cloth clothing, which is a bonus from Mattel as they don’t always do that for us. He comes with his Rio de Janiero shirt from when he won the IC title as well as plain black pants. Once you remove the cloth goods you can see he is in wrestling attire if you rather have him that way. A 2-in-1 figure like this is always really nice to have and I wish Mattel did that more often personally.

Pat’s outfit is super simple as he was back in the day of his wrestling career. He has his black trunks followed by open back knee pads, white socks and his black boots with the white laces.


Overall I think this figure is really nice. It’s a very simple figure but it gets the job done. If you’re a completionist like me you will want to hunt him down. Right now he doesn’t seem to be too hard to find as long as your Walmart is on top of stocking the shelves timely as majority are doing right now. I doubt we will see anymore figures of him moving forward so I recommend not sleeping on this one if you can and want it of course!

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