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Collector’s Corner: Eaglemoss WWE Hero Collector – Kane, Mick Foley, The Miz & Steve Austin In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the latest batch of Eaglemoss WWE Hero Collector figurines, such as:

  • Kane (Attitude Era)
  • Steve Austin
  • The Miz
  • Mick Foley (Cactus Jack)

You can currently get these over on the Eaglemoss Shop where you can save some money with discount code ZONE at checkout!

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The Packaging

Each figurine comes in a very vibrant, colorful box with images of several of the other figurines on the box. We also get to see the new Iconic Matches 2-packs that feature very similar style packaging. They all come with a very nice booklet with information about the superstar(s) with images, information and more. The figurines are also very protected by plastic to prevent them from being damaged in transit, storage, etc. Not to mention the rings, that are packaged as half a ring, where you have to buy two to make a full ring depending on how you want to display them.


Kane is probably my favorite of this batch as he looks epic in his classic Attitude Era attire. He even has the long sleeves and his epic gloves with all the details. I love the detail in his wet looking hair to even the pieces of his mask. Just super detailed all around from head to toe, even shiny boots! His outfit even has the designs molded than just painted, which is awesome attention to detail for a small figurine. If you grew up in the Attitude Era this figurine of him is just awesome. He comes on a display stand as well with felt on the bottom and his name on a sticker.

Mick Foley

Next up we have Mick Foley as Cactus Jack. They list him as Mick Foley on the box, which I thought was interesting. This figurine is great as it looks just like him. His mouth even has little teeth and his mouth is a hole to look even more realistic. His Cactus Jack logo is printed on his shirt while he does his “bang bang” taunt with his hands, which even have the hand/wrist tape on them. Another neat detail is the wrinkles in his pants near his knees, which just give it another sense of realism. Then lastly his leopard print boots. He also comes on a display stand as well with felt on the bottom and his name on a sticker.

This is definitely a cool figurine in the set, too, I must say. I really like all the detail and feel the likeness is pretty spot on for the scale.

The Miz

Miz looks great as he is also super detailed in his epic entrance coat. He’s sporting his shades and a serious look on his face while he points at the camera. I feel his likeness is just okay on this one but the rest of the figurine is nicely done. They put a lot of effort into the coat with all the zipper designs going around it. Even his kick pads underneath are pretty detailed. Miz also comes on a display stand as well with felt on the bottom and his name on a sticker.

It’s a nice figurine of Miz, but the likeness feels a little off to me. Regardless, they put a lot of detail into it, which honestly makes up for that in my opinion. If you’re a fan definitely pick it up as they even have a SDCC autograph bundle going on.

Steve Austin

Lastly, we have none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s doing his arms in the air pose that he would do around the ring and on the turnbuckles. No middle fingers of course but he still looks menacing to say the least. His likeness is pretty good, but his vest is where it’s at honestly. The detail in the vest with the logos and designs is simply awesome. It’s all molded as well, which really makes him stand out. Then of course he has his black trunks, his knee brace and his boots. Sadly he is missing his tattoo on his shin, but it is what it is. Austin also comes on a display stand as well with felt on the bottom and his name on a sticker.

Overall, it’s a great figurine of Austin. They did a great job, especially on his vest. Very impressed with it for the scale it’s at.


Overall, this may be my favorite batch to date. I love the Attitude Era figurines, minus Miz of course, as they look pretty nice. The detail is very impressive on all of these, too, which make them a great addition to your Hero Collector collection! I recommend picking them up if you can!

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