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Collector’s Corner: Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Mattel WWE Elite Edgeheads In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to the latest installment of Collector’s Corner where we take a look at the brand-new Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Mattel WWE Elite Edgeheads 3-in-1 action figure!

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This is honestly a really cool and unique concept that was developed hands-on with Matt Cardona, Brian Myers and Ringside themselves. This was an idea Matt had mentioned as a fantasy figure over on the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast and it became a reality, making it a really awesome exclusive.

Photo Credit: Sportskeeda

The Packaging

The packaging on this is similar to that of the Ringside Exclusive Undertaker as Kane as well as the upcoming Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt where it’s a smaller package yet very colorful and detailed. You can see Edge in the window with his jacket on and the Hawkins and Ryder heads beside him. The background features the old giant fist SmackDown stage, which is also a removable display piece that unfolds. You can see that better in the gallery. The front has the typical Ringside Exclusive sticker and an Edge logo, the sides have Edge and Hawkins/Ryder showcased and a picture of all three Edgeheads on the back with a fun summary of the group.

The Figure

The trick to this, and it’s a great marketing tactic, is that you need to buy three of this figure to create all three guys. We’ve seen this with Hasbro and one of their recent exclusives as well as other figures of theirs. It’s a great concept that just so happened to work out well for these three being Hawkins and Ryder had fake tattoos to match Edge back when.

Edge comes in his signature jacket, which is a thin rubber, making it somewhat easier to remove than the older jackets his previous figures came with. You can see the detail on the chest and sides/back of the jacket. Just be patient removing it as it can be a little tough.

Edge also features an updated True FX scan from his Hall of Fame Elite that came out not that long ago. He has all of his tattoos, which are heavily detailed on both arms, as well as his elbow pads. The elbow pads are a also thinner rubber material it seems, which makes it a lot easier to pose his arms. Hopefully Mattel continues using pads like this as it’ll be a lot easier to pose figures moving forward. Looking at his tights he has the Rated R Superstar logos on his crotch area, the sides as well as his kick pads. The kick pads have dark gray details on the back as well.

He also comes with swappable hands as well as the Hawkins and Ryder heads as mentioned. Both heads feature younger versions of both with their longer, blonde hair. Ryder is yelling while sporting a skull cap and his golden locks beneath while Hawkins has a serious look on his face with his blonde hair behind his ears.


Overall, this is a great exclusive honestly. It’s a brilliant idea to put all three together as it makes you buy more but also makes it a really fun figure to have. I purchased three so I could display/use them all together as that’s what they were created for. Of course you’ll have extra heads of the others to do whatever with but it’s definitely worth it. Bravo to the team for coming up with this concept. I’d love to somehow see them do this again, even if it was like a GM set with different GMs over the years. Definitely pick this up if you’re a fan of the three or even just want an updated Edge in his Rated R attire.

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