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The Miz Files A Lawsuit Against Otis, Alexa Bliss Sister Abigails Lacey Evans

The Miz Files A Lawsuit Against Otis

The Miz has had it out for Otis ever since the latter won the Money in the Bank contract earlier this year. After getting Mandy Rose traded to Monday Night RAW, Miz took things one step further, serving Otis with a lawsuit during tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown. According to the letter Otis received, the lawsuit centers around Otis being reportedly negligent with his contract, since he has yet to use it, and that he also caused distress to the “news program” that is The Dirt Sheet.

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Alexa Bliss Sister Abigails Lacey Evans

Alexa Bliss shocked the world last week when she landed a Sister Abigail on Nikki Cross, and this week she did it once again to Lacey Evans. After a match between Cross and Evans ended with a big win for Cross, Bliss caught Evans out of the ring, where she once again landed a Sister Abigail on Evans before staring off in another trance. Whatever is going on with Bliss, it seems connected to Bray Wyatt, so it’ll be interesting to see where things go from here.

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