Io Shirai
Photo Credit: Alex Santa Maria

Io Shirai Retains Women’s Title After Shotzi Blackheart Fends Off Ghostface

The finale of tonight’s Halloween Havoc saw Io Shirai and Candice LeRae take each other on in another Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal match, with this one being declared a Tables, Ladders, and Scares match by Shotzi Blackheart. In the match, a brutal back-and-forth ensued, with Shirai eventually coming out on top to retain her NXT Women’s Championship. 

During the match, the two feuding superstars went at it from the start, with each one making various attempts at trying to climb the ladder to grab the belt. Late in the match, the same mysterious figure wearing a Ghostface mask that helped Johnny Gargano attempted to interfere and help LeRae. However, Shotzi Blackhearted intervened, taking down the figure by dropping him onto a stack of chairs and rendering him useless for the rest of the match. 

Things finally came to a head with both superstars on separate ladders and going for the belt. After looking like she had it, LeRae was ultimately unable to come away with the win, as Shirai fell off the ladder and proceeded to push Candice’s ladder over, knocking her down and through another ladder wedged into the ring. With no one to stop her, Shirai simply unstrapped the belt to win the match. 

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