candice lerae
Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WWE

Candice LeRae Beats Toni Storm, NXT’s Ghostface Revealed

Toni Storm was looking to get some revenge against Candice LeRae during tonight’s episode of NXT for what LeRae did to Shotzi Blackheart’s tank last week. Instead, she suffered a big loss to LeRae, and after the match we got our look at who the mysterious figure dressed in a Ghostface mask was.

During the match, LeRae was able to defeat Storm after landing a huge boot to her face and pinning her down with both feet hanging off the ropes. After the match, an angry Storm began attacking LeRae before being interrupted by the mytserious masked figure. Shotzi Blackheart began running down to the ring to try and make a save, but the figure and LeRae cleaned house. After taking down both Storm and Blackheart, the figure unmasked themselves to reveal that it was none other than Indi Hartwell.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

After the break, LeRae blasts Storm with a backstabber. LeRae misses a springboard moonsault. Storm hits a nasty headbutt. Both women are down. Storm fires up and crushes LeRae in the corner with a hip attack. After a flurry of moves, Storm gets a near fall after a fisherman’s suplex. LeRae almost hits a swinging neck breaker off the top rope but Storm puts on the breaks. Storm misses a leg drop off the top. LeRae boots Storm in the face. LeRae pins Storm with her feet on the ropes.

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