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Collector’s Corner: AEW Unrivaled Series 2 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take an in-depth look at AEW Unrivaled Series 2! This set recently released and includes:

  • Adam Page
  • Rey Fenix
  • Jon Moxley (plus 1/500 Chase)
  • MJF (plus 1/1000 Chase)
  • Pentagon Jr.
  • Dustin Rhodes

This set is actually pretty tough to come by, but I got mine at where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout! This set is also hitting Walmart and Target stores, so be sure to check yours!

The Packaging

The packaging is the same as wave 1 with the gold and black color scheme with the AEW logos on the top and bottom. The side of the box has the wrestler’s name as well as what number they are in the set while the opposite side has a larger image of them and their name. The gold foil accents shine in the light, too, which is a really nice touch. On the back of the box showcases a large image of the wrestler followed by all whom are in the set. There is also a small photo of the wrestler and a number on the bottom right side of the box if you display them like books on a shelf.

The box opens relatively easy, but you have to cut the tape on the side. Unfortunately you can’t open the box neatly so you have to ruin it, unlike the Mattel WWE boxes that allow you to nicely open them and re-secure them if desired. Regardless, the packaging is still really nice.

Hangman Adam Page

First up we have probably my favorite in the set, Hangman Adam Page. Before I truly dive into his review I do need to mention Jazwares addressed the skin tone issue from Series 1, so they look a lot better in this wave thankfully. That being said, Adam comes with an angry head scan with his teeth showing. He has his hair slicked back and his bandana around his neck as well as his lasso accessory. Beneath that he is sporting his signature vest, which is removable. He also has his black wrist tape and a swappable gun-pointing hand to recreate his entrance with. You can see the logos on his vest as well as his trunks, knee pads and boots.

Overall, I personally really like this figure as I’m a big fan of his. People have said his boots seem really big and I can agree with that. Besides that I think he looks pretty nice. I wish his hair was a bit lighter or had some highlights in it. His lasso accessory is also a solid piece than an actual rope you can undo, which is ok for display. His bandana also does not go around his mouth sadly, but to remove it you have to pop his head off, which is easy to do. Besides those few things I really like this figure. I think the likeness is decent but it could be a bit better. I look forward to his future figures as they will only improve. Definitely pick this one up!

Rey Fenix

Next up we have Rey Fenix and this is his very first action figure to hit the masses. He does have one from BossFight Studio releasing soon as well. Rey is wearing his black/white attire. You can see the crazy amount of detail in his mask as well as his tattoos all over his body. He also has his white wrist and hand tape and not to mention his tights also feature a lot of detail as well as his knee pads and kick pads.

Overall, while Rey doesn’t come with any accessories or hands, his figure makes up for that with all the detail. The detail on him is really impressive and makes it that much more appealing. You can pose him super well, too, allowing you to recreate a lot of his crazy moves he’s done. If you are looking to get the Lucha Brothers in your collection I highly recommend picking up this figure of him.

Jon Moxley

Up next we have Jon Moxley and he looks awesome. Mox has his angry head scan with his messy hair in his face. He comes with his black vest with “Mox” on the back, and the vest is removable. He also comes with the AEW Championship, which allows collectors to get the belt more easily if they didn’t get the Ringside Exclusive Bubbly Jericho. Mox is also sporting his knife tattoo on his left forearm as well as his signature camo pants and black boots. Moxley also has a 1/500 chase that comes with two Bubbly bottles as well as an Inner Circle cloth t-shirt.

Overall, while Moxley looks awesome, he is super tall for whatever reason. The scaling on Moxley is way off for some reason, but he does look pretty awesome. His knife tattoo is crooked and small when it should be straight and larger, so hopefully that will be addressed in the future on future figures of him. Besides that issue I really like the figure. I  wish he was proper scale as he just looks awesome. I wish his skin didn’t look as clammy either, but these figures are only going to improve as they work out the kinks, which they did with Wave 3 you’ll see soon. If you’re a fan and want the AEW title I recommend picking him up. It’s still a cool figure even with the issues.


Now we’ll take a look at the biggest trash talker in the game, MJF himself. This is also MJF’s very first action figure and it comes with his Burberry scarf. He also comes with a different AEW microphone that fits into his hand snug. MJF is sporting his red/gold trunks as well as his elbow pad, knee pads and laced boots. You can also see his tattoos, including a small tattoo in Hebrew on his abdomen. There is also a 1/1000 Chase edition of MJF in pink/gold trunks with a different scarf and a swappable hand with a ring on it, which I did have in time for this review.

Overall, this figure is pretty nice. Some people complain about his head scan. I honestly don’t think it’s that bad, but he does look a little tired if I must say so myself. The detail in his scan is still decent regardless. I love the cloth scarf and the tattoos on him look good, too. The newer microphone is nice as well. I did notice his figure is pretty tiny and he has small feet, but he is a smaller guy, he just looks a little funny compared to the other figures. Regardless, both the regular and chase versions are decent and as I said he will more than likely have more in the future. If you’re a fan of his I recommend picking it up.

Pentagon Jr.

Next we have my other favorite in the set, Pentagon Jr. This figure is just awesome in my opinion. He is covered in detail from head to toe, which makes it really cool. He also comes with his “zero miedo” hand as well as a swappble regular hand that can hold accessories. The detail in his mask, to his eyes to his face paint and even his tattoos is just awesome. Jazwares went all out on his figure and knocked it out of the park. Even his attire looks good and none of it hinders any of his posing ability.

Overall, I love this figure of Pentagon and highly recommend it. He just looks so good in my opinion. I wish he had a sculpt without the tongue sticking out, but I’m sure he will have more in the future, too. The detail on him is super nice and makes it such a great figure for display and play. I highly recommend picking him up along with Fenix to truly complete the Lucha Bros as you won’t be disappointed with either!

Dustin Rhodes

Lastly we have Dustin Rhodes. Dustin looks a lot like his figure from the Blood Brothers 2-pack, but this one is a clean version than a bloody version. Dustin is sporting his red/black attire with the logos on the back and of course his half-painted face. He even has all the detailed tattoos on his arms, which is a first on any of his figures from over the years. He also has his white wrist tape with black/red gloves.

Overall, this is a pretty cool figure that I was excited for. The likeness on him is okay, but nothing great in my opinion. I am hoping his future figures have a little more detail in the likeness and overall paint application on his head to make it look less flat if that makes sense. Besides that the detail on his attire is really nice and it’s a great updated figure of him. I hope they make more in his other colored outfits, too, as he’s been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. If you missed out on that 2-pack or simply want a clean version of him I recommend picking it up. He also seems to be replaced in cases featuring Chase figures, making him harder to come by so if you see him, grab him.


Overall, this is a pretty awesome set. It was a huge improvement from Wave 1 as far as the skin tone issues. The figures aren’t perfect, but they’re definitely a big improvement and some are better than others. They still look pretty cool overall and I’m thrilled to have them in my collection. I recommend picking them when you can as they sell out super fast and go for a lot on the after market it seems because of it. Don’t sleep on this set or any of the AEW figures as I said they sell real fast, making them tough to come by. But wait until you see my review on Series 3 as those look even better than these! And if you’d like to see these more in-depth be sure to check out my video review here.

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