deonna purrazzo
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Deonna Purrazzo Comments On Steve Cutler’s WWE Release, The NYE Party That Allegedly Got Him Backstage Heat

Deonna Purrazzo sets the record straight.

Purrazzo posted the following remarks in response to a recent post from WrestleTalk that claimed Steve Cutler had heat with Vince McMahon and was ultimately fired simply because he tested positive for COVID-19.

We attended a NYE party, like dozens of other people.

When Steve tested positive prior to SD, he was sent home and immediately started quarantine. He was NOT at work while being positive.

Stop misconstruing the truth for clickbait.

WWE released Cutler on February 4, but no other details regarding the reason were issued by the company. Purrazzo, who is dating Cutler and attended the party with him, later responded to another comment about her reasoning for the initial post, explaining that those at the party were also regular acquaintances (and fellow WWE wrestlers) that got tested for COVID-19 for work every week.

She added that while the “worst-case scenario happened” they immediately took proper precautions and quarantined once they learned of the positive tests, and any reports claiming otherwise are false.

According to Fightful Select, Cutler specifically had heat with Vince McMahon over him contracting COVID-19 in early January. It was also said that despite the Knights of the Roundtable’s (Cutler and Wesley Blake) attempts to get back on TV with Baron Corbin, they were rebuffed and it allegedly stemmed from Cutler’s positive test.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided more details on that specific part of the story, noting that the general belief was that McMahon was “livid” about the New Year’s Eve party Cutler attended which resulted in a positive result in the first place. WON also said McMahon had promised a few wrestlers, like Roman Reigns, a safe work environment to return to, and the party and having Cutler around all of the talent went against that.

Both Fightful and WON confirmed Cutler had been present at the WWE Performance Center as a bump guy for the “big man” class at the facility. Despite his termination, sources indicated to Fightful that the “door was open” for a return down the line.