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Wrestling Event Linked To Joey Ryan Cancelled After Tony Khan Pulls AEW Talent, FITE Issues Statement

Update: FITE Chief Marketing Officer Kim Hurwitz posted the following statement on the company’s Twitter account, confirming they will not be airing the “Wrestling For Women’s Charity” event.

Hello, this is Kim Hurwitz, CMO of FITE. I wanted to confirm that this event is not being carried by FITE. Thank you for your comments. We love our pro wrestling community!

In addition, the W4WC account deleted the advertisement for the event and said it has been canceled. The account posted a new statement since removing the initial ad:

We apologize for riling everyone up. It is clear that we’re in over our heads.

We’ll say that everybody booked was fully aware of all details including going through AEW’s 3rd party booking system for talent.

Rather than put talent in a tough situation, we’ve canceled the show.

It would appear that Joey Ryan is trying to get back in the wrestling business.

A new listing for an event called “Wrestling For Women’s Charity” on March 20 is currently advertising Joey Ryan as one of the wrestlers involved; Ryan’s photo was also included in the poster. Upon further review, it would appear that Ryan used his own Bar Wrestling promotion to set up the event, but used a new Wrestling For Women’s Charity-related email as the contact information.

Since the event was announced, many performers have called out Ryan’s inclusion and AEW’s Tony Khan has also publicly announced he won’t allow any AEW talent to be associated with the event. AEW’s Brian Cage and Sonny Kiss were featured on the poster; other notable names include IMPACT’s Trey Miguel, Davey Boy Smith Jr, JTG and 2 Cold Scorpio.

Joey Ryan was accused of sexual assault by multiple women during the Speaking Out movement last summer, and has not wrestled since June when he was still part of the IMPACT Wrestling roster. IMPACT fired him after the allegations against him were made online; he has since brought multiple lawsuits against the promotion for wrongful termination and against many of his accusers, claiming he didn’t assault them.

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