Blue Meanie
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Collector’s Corner: Chella Toys Mind of the Meanie Wrestling Megastars 2-Pack Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner where we take a look at the recently released Chella Toys Wrestling Megastars Mind of the Meanie 2-pack, featuring Blue Meanie and Josh Shernoff!

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Chella Toys Mega Stars

If you’re unfamiliar with the Chella Toys Wrestling Megastars wrestling figure toy line, it’s a recently released independent toy line that’s UK based. They’ve been taking pre-orders for Hasbro/Retro-style figures for wrestlers like Ethan Page, Dynamite Kid, Bryan Clark and many others! They also released a limited Nick Aldis figure, which you can see here.

If you’re not based in the UK you can get them from Figure Collections. Figure Collections is an official partner with Chella Toys and will be carrying all future products including the Wrestling Megastars and Uncensored Collection! You can order and pre-order items today at!

The Packaging

The packaging of this set, much like the Nick Aldis, is very reminiscent of the old WWE Hasbro figures from the 90s. The size and card style as well as the illustrations on the back. The figures as well look very much like the old ones and will scale just fine with them, too. These, however, do not have any action sequences.

The Figures

Blue Meanie was a guy I grew up watching and always wanted a figure of. It’s crazy we never really got one of him until much later from Figures Toy Company and now Chella Toys in this scale. A very colorful character to say the least was very deserving of a figure in my opinion. That being said, looking at Meanie he is super detailed for his scale. His arms swivel up and down as well. You can see the detail on his shirt, his face paint and even the laces on his boots.

If you’re a fan of Meanie I recommend it as it’s a cool collectible to have, especially if you love the old Hasbro and Mattel Retro style figures!

Next up we have Josh Shernoff and I believe this is his very first action figure. It of course has the cartoon style look than a realistic look, but his figure is still awesome as well. His arms swivel up and down, too, and he even comes with a microphone that removes from his hand. You can see the detail in his attire, especially the minor details with the logos on his suit and tie. Not to mention the logo on the microphone as well.


Overall, this is a very fun set and it’s cool Chella did a 2-pack for collectors. The packaging is awesome and the figures honestly are really fun, too. I was very excited to get my hands on these and appreciate Chella Toys giving me the opportunity to review them. If you’re interested in their future releases be sure to head over to Figure Collections and grab them while you can! Some of these are very limited and they also revealed their new 7-inch action figure line, too!

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