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Gia Miller Outlines Her On-Air Goals With IMPACT Wrestling, Carries Herself Like A Star As ‘GLAM’

Gia Miller is a multi-faced performer who is looking forward to her future with IMPACT Wrestling.

Gia Miller recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view on July 17 about her evolving role with the company. Miller debuted with IMPACT in April of 2020 as a backstage interviewer, and now she also co-hosts their new ‘Behind The IMPACT’ pre-show series alongside Josh Mathews and Jon Burton.

Asked about how she approaches her role on IMPACT and what she wants to convey on screen, Miller agreed that she tries to add nuance to her work and wants to draw the audience in and compliment the talent she’s speaking to.

“I do those things, those nuances, those subtleties, not to be distracting but to add to it, so I’m really thankful that you pointed that out. I have a theater background and also a film background, and one of the key things that they teach is acting and reacting without sound, without words. My goal as the interviewer is to move things along,” Miller said, “is to set up where we’re going and get us there. So, those facial expressions and those nuances that I throw in are also to convey to the audience how important something is or what they mean to me, knowing what I know, so it should mean something similar.”

Miller signed a new deal with IMPACT Wrestling in June, extending her tenure with the company for three more years. Gail Kim later commented on Miller’s status during a media call, saying she’s thrilled that the on-air personality and independent wrestler will be around, adding that they “love her energy and her attitude” that she brings to the company. Asked about what it meant to be praised by someone as revered as Kim, Miller said it meant a lot to her as a performer and a colleague.

“Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes to know that she felt I was a great addition, and that does mean so much because I looked up to her as a little girl growing up. And wanting to be a wrestler [now], I still look up to her so much. I respect her as a professional and a colleague and I’m even happier to have her as a friend now. So, to hear her say that,” Miller said, “it really meant the world, I can’t even put it into words.”

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In addition to her work as a broadcaster, Miller is also an independent wrestler on the rise, known to fans as “Gia Lee Ann Milton”, or GLAM. Miller explained how she approaches the different roles and said that while she’s not trying to be the focal point on IMPACT, she definitely carries herself as the main attraction when she’s in the ring as a competitor.

“So, GLAM is very similar to what you see on BTI, only I get to dress how I want to dress. Not that IMPACT makes me dress any certain way, but I like to keep it a little professional and a little more neutral when I’m in front of the camera as a host,” Miller explained, “but that’s what I need people to understand. Gia Miller and Gia Lee Ann Miller are the same person, I just have my middle name in there. It’s the same person and I know my role and I’m a professional, I know I’m not the star of IMPACT, I’m not the star of BTI but every time that I step into the ring, I’m the star and I want to make sure that everybody knows that.”

“Right now is the best time to jump in the bandwagon. I’m still so young and people have got to watch me grow as an interviewer over the past year,” Miller explained, “and it’s gonna be exciting to watch me grow as a wrestler over the next coming years and decades. I know what I’m going to achieve and I’ll wait for people to watch.”

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