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Ric Flair Reflects On Working With Scott Hall

Ric Flair shared some fond memories following Scott Hall‘s passing. Hall tragically passed away on 3/14 after three heart attacks from hip surgery complications and on the latest episode of Wooooo Nation UNCENSORED, Flair, along with co-host Mark Madden looked back on “The Bad Guy’s” legendary career. Flair and Hall are both in a select class of multi-time WWE Hall of Famers and the two actually worked together in Razor Ramon’s WWF PPV debut at Survivor Series 1992.

When first asked about Hall’s passing, the Nature Boy noted how much he feels for Kevin Nash as he knows how close the two were. He also mentioned how much he was looking forward to seeing both of them at WrestleCon this year during WrestleMania week in Dallas as they were all scheduled to attend. Madden, who was also friends with Hall, later stated how much Scott admired Flair for his in-ring work. Flair in turn, liked working with Hall.


“I’m sure you had a vague idea of this but Scott revered you,” Madden said. “He thought you were just the greatest. Like I said I’ve never seen him thrilled like a little kid the night he was scheduled to work you in WCW. That’s how he felt about you.” Flair remembered the match which took place on June 2, 1997 at the Great American Bash. Hall had Sean Waltman in his corner.

“I can tell you, it was in Dayton, Ohio. I can remember the night we were there. We went 20 minutes,” Flair said. “They were fun to work with. I liked working with Kid too. Waltman can work. At that point and time I was kind of put on the back burner so it didn’t mean a lot, but anytime I had a chance to get in the ring and perform with those guys.”

You can listen to the full episode of Wooooo Nation UNCENSORED below:

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