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Cameron Grimes: I Would Love To Defend The NXT Title Against John Cena

Cameron Grimes is excited about John Cena‘s return, and he wants to step into the ring with the former world champion.

Cena returned on the June 27 episode of WWE RAW to celebrate his 20th anniversary. His short-term future is unclear, but many fans have been thinking about potential dream matches for the superstar.

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, NXT 2.0 star Cameron Grimes stated that he looks up to Cena and looked back on how he caught one of his shirts at a live event many years ago.

“I think it’s absolutely incredible that John Cena’s back,” said Grimes. “I’ll actually go to a little side story here. I remember around like 2007 maybe, RAW was in Raleigh, North Carolina, and I got to go to the show, and John Cena came out. He took his shirt off, he whipped it around, he threw it in the crowd, and I caught that T-shirt. And I remember catching that T-shirt and the first thing I did was look at the tag on the shirt. I had to know what size T-shirt he was wearing, and he had a 3XL T-shirt on it, and it was still tight on his arms. That man is a freak. John Cena is the man, I look up to him so much. And any time that he can come back and truly be the star that he is on our show, I’m tuning in every time.”

Grimes, who will challenge for the NXT Championship at NXT Great American Bash, made it clear that he would “love” to put the title on the line against Cena, or even face him in any situation.

“So when I win the NXT Championship, I would love to defend that against John Cena,” said Grimes. “I feel like anyone that is in this business would love the opportunity to be against John Cena in any time of light. You can book it on a coconut show in Largo. I don’t care if it’s on television. You can book it, you can just do it in the performance center, and we wouldn’t even have to turn the cameras on. And I would love that opportunity.”

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