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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Darby Allin Still Shops At Goodwill, Guarantees He’ll Never Have Normal Wrestling Gear

Keep your eye out for that Goodwill Darby Allin exclusive.

Darby Allin spoke with Ringside Collectibles at San Diego Comic-Con about being immortalized in action figure form. Allin’s “LJN style” figure just hit the market, but he also has a Coffin Drop set that’s exclusive to Ringside.

“That one was real sick. I like that a lot of people look at that and they don’t know it’s a wrestling toy,” Darby said. “They think it’s some skateboard voodoo shit.”

Host Tom Sanford noted that fans can basically fit Darby’s figure into any line of toys, and the former TNT Champion said that standing out is definitely something he focuses on.

“That’s the goal,” Darby added. “One thing I can guarantee [is] that I’m never going to have normal wrestling gear. I’ve never had it in my whole career and I never will. I shop at Goodwill and random shit like that.”

Allin’s Comic-Con experience wasn’t all fun and games, however, as Brody King and Malakai Black attacked him during the event. The duo beat Allin up during the AEW panel at San Diego Comic-Con, as King put Allin in a sleeper before Black blasted him with a kick to the face and laid Allin out on the table. This is the second time the House of Black has attacked Allin at an appearance in recent weeks, as they also showed up at an autograph signing in Seattle.

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