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Nick Khan Explains Why WWE Chose Boston For 2022 Survivor Series

The 2022 Survivor Series: WarGames event took place in Boston, Massachusetts, and according to WWE co-CEO Nick Khan, the company chose that location for a very specific reason.

Speaking during an appearance at the 2022 Wells Fargo TMT Summit (via Post Wrestling) with co-CEO Stephanie McMahon, Khan described what went into the process for deciding on locations for a pay-per-view event. For Survivor Series specifically, Khan said, they wanted a location that wouldn’t have many people leaving the area, as the event was set to take place right after Thanksgiving.

“We also put a lot of time and energy into figuring out what the right city was for the event [Survivor Series: WarGames],” said Khan. “So it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. You don’t wanna take that event to a town where people travel out of. You wanna take it to a town where people stay in town or travel to. In our experience in the northeast, Boston in particular, Philly, cities like that where sometimes you have multigenerational families living together. We thought in Boston, again, two nights after Thanksgiving, it would be the right city for that event. Lo and behold, it was.”

Khan also briefly touched on what the planning for the next few years ential, and said that there’s a large group who put time into figuring out their calendar, although they are always looking to get better in that regard.

“So there’s a lot of time put into that by a whole group of folks in terms of penciling out our calendar for all of 2023 and in penciling out our calendar for part of ‘24 so we think we have that right, yet there’s always room for improvement and we’re looking to always get better,” Khan said.

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