Jai Vidal

Jai Vidal Gained ‘All The Confidence In The World’ In IMPACT Debut Against Eric Young

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WrestleZone recently spoke with IMPACT Wrestling’s Jai Vidal, who picked his feud with Matt Vandagriff and IMPACT debut against Eric Young as some highlights of his career so far.


“There was a feud that I had out in the West Coast with a tremendous up and coming talent who I believe any company should take a look at named Matt Vandagriff. He and I had a series of matches in Las Vegas which culminated with a title. We had the title versus career match, where I put my Future Stars of Wrestling career on the line, and we had like just four outstanding matches where each one we were just given [so much]. We earned so much trust from the promoter that we were just given a ‘Hey, you know what? You guys just go out there and do whatever you guys got to do. You guys got 20 minutes. Here you go. Go out there and perform.’

“And I think that not only helped prove not just to other people, but I think also to myself that I can go, that I belong, that I am able to put on these tremendous matches. Even going back to my match with Eric Young in my official debut for IMPACT [on November 4, 2021], which I actually had a whole little entrance and was able to go in there and just stand face to face with Eric Young. I fell victim to the piledriver, but just knowing that I could still be in there with a tremendous top tier talent like that gave me personally all the confidence in the world.”

Check out some free-to-watch full-length matches from Jai Vidal’s career below, including his work against Matt Vandagriff:

Jai Vidal vs. Cole Karter

CCW Bash At The Brewery 21 — October 1, 2022

Jai Vidal vs. Matt Vandagriff

Future Stars Of Wrestling 13th Anniversary — June 19, 2022

Katie Forbes & Jai Vidal vs. Friendship Express

Future Stars Of Wrestling — August 22, 2021


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