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Hulk Hogan And More Legends Appear On 1/23 WWE RAW

Monday’s episode of WWE RAW is a huge one, as its the official 30th Anniversary Celebration of the long-running show, and as such, a ton of huge WWE legends are set to appear on the broadcast.

While it’s unknown exactly who will appear on the broadcast, with the night being advertised as a huge celebration, it’s safe to assume we’ll see a ton of memorable faces and appearances.


For those looking to keep up, a list of all the legends and WWE Hall of Famers who appeared at the 30th Anniversary episode of Monday Night RAW are as follows:

Hulk Hogan

To kick off the show, the legendary Hulk Hogan made his way out to the ringside, and ushered in the show with a classic Hulk Hogan introduction, asking the crowd what they would do when “Hulkamania” runs wild on Philadelphia.

The Godfather, JBL, Ron Simmons

In a backstage segment following the Trial of Sami Zayn, JBL and Ron Simmons — who made up the legendary tag team the Acolytes Protection Agency — linked up with The Godfather, with JBL looking to get Baron Corbin on the list for a poker game taking place backstage. When the trio knocked on the door, Simmons was the one who answered, and after being bribed with some cash from Corbin, let them.

Undertaker (The American Badass)

In a stunning appearance, The American Badass surprised LA Knight by coming out with his iconic motorcycle. However, those two were then interrupted by Bray Wyatt, who came down to the ring and forced LA Knight into the ring, where Undertaker looked ready to hit a chokeslam. Instead, he threw Knight to Wyatt, who hit the Sister Abigail on his nemesis.

DDP (Diamond Dallas Page), Alundra Blayze (Madusa)

At the aforementioned poker game, legends DDP and Madusa were on hand, taking part in some poker alongside Chad Gable, Otis, Baron Corbin, and others. After looking to come away with a win thanks to a full house, Madusa was stunned by DDP, who unveiled he had a straight flush, letting him win the pot.

DX, Kurt Angle, Teddy Long, Jerry Lawler

During an in-ring appearance from DX, the group was joined by Kurt Angle, who said he always wanted to be a member of the group before revealing he had been wearing a DX shirt the whole time. Shortly after, the group was interrupted by none other than Imperium, who came out to the ring to berate the group for its degeneracy. After challenging them to a fight, however, DX said they couldn’t fight because they were all retired and too old.

Instead, the group then ushered out both Seth “Freakin” Rollins and the Street Profits. After that, Teddy Long made his way out, telling everyone to “hold on a minute, playa,” before announcing that a six-man tag team match would take place. Angle then revealed yet another shirt he had on, this time a red, white, and blue-themed referee shirt, to use as a special guest referee. In the match, Jerry “The King” Lawler joined the WWE RAW commentary team.

Ted DiBiase, IRS

Cutting back to the poker game following the six-man tag team match, Baron Corbin and JBL beat DiBiase in a hand of poker, only to have their winnings collected by none other than IRS, who took everything and left Corbin with a single bill and Ron Simmons proclaiming “Damn!” in frustration.

Ric Flair

In a brief appearance from The Nature Boy, Flair introduced his daughter, Charlotte, to the crowd. In the ring, Flair says she is the SmackDown Women’s Champion, but she really cut her teeth on Raw, before being interrupted by Bayley.

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