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Triple H Discusses Potentially Taking NXT In A Global Direction

WWE Chief Creative Officer Triple H expresses his excitement about NXT Europe.

WWE launched NXT UK in 2018, and it was a featured brand until WWE announced that it would be on hiatus in August 2022 due to the looming arrival of NXT Europe  in 2023.

In an interview with Joe Otterson of Variety, Triple H discussed the looming beginning of the new brand and noted that WWE expects to have more information about NXT Europe this summer. He then stated that the company is excited about potentially taking NXT in a global direction, and he wants to find the best talent from around the globe. Triple H also described how creating stars from various regions can help those places get more engaged in the company.

“There’s been a lot of progress on it,” Triple H said. “We are very excited about the prospect of taking NXT in a larger global direction. I would like to be able to find the best athletes and the largest personalities and the most entertaining people from every place in the world, and bring them into what we do. Because when you begin to create those characters and those stars from every region, those regions become more engaged in what we do.

“If you can begin to go to all these places, and begin to find athletes there that can resonate on a global stage, some will make it big, some will make it small, some won’t make it at all. But that Indian talent, let’s say, that you have that main events WrestleMania and is a native of that country, that wholesale changes how [that country] views the product.”

Triple H also described how the company is starting to broaden the Next In Line program, which focuses on collegiate athletes and recent graduates, and bringing it to Europe. He pointed out that there’s not an NCAA level of college athletics, but there are plenty of prospects, and the company is starting to engage with them.

“NXT UK was based mostly on independent wrestling workers, guys that worked their way up and found their way to us,” Triple H said. “We’re starting the process there doing the same thing we’re doing here. There isn’t an NCAA collegiate level of athletics in Europe, but there’s a lot of athletes that are training in a lot of places like Loughborough or whatever, for specific sports. We’re beginning to engage with them now and finding the same interest level that we’re finding in NCAA athletes here.”

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