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Tamina Comments On Potential Match Between The Rock And Roman Reigns, Praises The Bloodline

Tamina wants to see The Rock face Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion is The Rock’s cousin, and they have quite a close bond, as “The Great One” bought her a house in 2o22. Given this family tie, Tamina is unofficially a member of The Bloodline, the stable that features Reigns, The Usos, and Solo Sikoa. Likewise, The Rock is part of the family tree, and many fans continue to speculate about a dream match between the former WWE Champion and Reigns.

Speaking with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, Tamina was asked about the potential match and made it clear that she wants to see the match happen, given how special it would be.

“Even I want that. You want it because it’s something special, especially when you got Roman as the “Head of the Table,'” Tamina said. “Some parts of me are like okay there is someone that would love to come in to talk trash with you. I would love to see that fight, that battle.”

Tamina also shared her thoughts on the success of The Bloodline. Fishman noted that she has likely been asked about potentially joining the group. She noted that, in wrestling, you never know what will happen. The veteran then made it clear that she’s proud of the group’s success.

“You just never know. That’s the great thing about wrestling, you think you know what is going to happen,” she said. “Then they’ll slap you in the face with something different…Every single person wants to become part of The Bloodline. I’m super proud of them. You see the road that everyone has come from. Seeing the struggle and everything they’ve done to get where they are today. The fight we’ve been in when we first came in.

“We had a great debut. We loved all that. I feel like we won’t take back anything. I know speaking for myself, I won’t. I feel what they are doing right now is absolutely amazing. Now Solo [Sikoa], is almost a mini version of Umaga but his own person. He has got it. What makes me proud is they are thriving in their own ways and telling their own story. They all know who they are as The Bloodline.”

Triple H has said that he doesn’t think The Rock appearing at WWE WrestleMania 39 is in the cards. More information is available here.

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