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Tamina Recalls Feeling ‘Mesmerized’ When She Saw Chyna On TV For The First Time

Tamina discusses her love for Chyna.

Chyna is set to be the focus of the next Bio: WWE Legends episode on A&E on March 5. Ahead of the premiere, WWE star Tamina spoke to Adrian Hernandez of 98.5 The Bet about her memories of seeing Chyna break barriers.


“If you really think about it, she was breaking a barrier at a time you don’t have that,” Tamina said. “You’ve got your typical view of what was being, ‘Hey, this is what a woman is and this is how it should be.’ She came in and, to me, she was beautiful. She was gorgeous. And again, because I was a muscular-looking thing. I was faster than some of the boys. I was a tomboy. You go into that zone and you see this woman, you’re like, ‘Man, I love that.'”

Tamina recalled all the stories she’s heard regarding how Chyna was the “sweetest, softest” person ever. And when she was in high school and saw her on television for the first time, she was “mesmerized.”

“The great thing about her, again, was she was different looking. That’s what I liked about her,” Tamina added. “I like different things, though. It’s different for each person, a lot of criticism she got, but to me as a superstar today, yeah, she was a huge deal. You can even ask, back when I first debuted, some of the interviews I did, I said, ‘Yeah, I wish I could’ve wrestled Chyna.’ That was one of the first people I said. A lot of people thought that was weird of me to say, but it’s not because the me at that time seeing her, shoot, that was it. She was cool to me.”

Ultimately, it was important to see Chyna as a woman who could be both strong and beautiful on WWE TV before Tamina ever stepped foot in the ring. Now, Tamina wants to follow in Chyna’s footsteps and be an example for other fans watching who feel like their body type is different from everyone else.

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