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Masha Slamovich: My IMPACT Career Has Seen Full-Circle And Feel-Good Moments

Masha Slamovich has had a lot of full-circle moments so far in IMPACT Wrestling.

Game Changer Wrestling World Champion Masha Slamovich recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about her recent match in IMPACT against Mickie James, Slamovich thought that was a cool moment and reflected on all of the full circle moments she’s experienced in that company.


“I definitely thought it was very cool,” Masha Slamovich admitted. “Since my start at IMPACT Wrestling, everything’s been a whole bunch of full circle moments from facing Deonna at Knockouts Knockdown, which was the match that ended up getting me signed to IMPACT Wrestling and, later on, defeating her to become the number one contender for the world title of course, I ended up facing Jordynne at Bound for Glory.

“She was actually my first match way back on Xplosion in 2019 for IMPACT. And then once again coming to this Mickie James thing where she brought me into the company for pick your poison, and then I would go on a face her at No Surrender.

“So IMPACT is just like a bunch of circles, and I enjoy that. I love when things you kind of come around, and they’re kind of feel-good moments. Perhaps the outcome was not as feel-good as I wanted it to be, but I definitely got to say that I enjoyed the match, and I was really happy to finally get to work with Mickie after working side by side for quite a long time.”

When asked if she has anything left to circle around to in IMPACT, Slamovich believes they will all write themselves.

“I think they all write themselves,” Masha Slamovich said. “I think the path will circle out if it wants and wander off if it doesn’t. So, I’m a big believer in following the path.”

Asked if she plans on doing other future tributes with her gear as she did with Bull Nakano last year, Masha said she’s always trying to make her look as meaningful as possible.

“Well, all of my gear has generally been inspired by someone or has been an homage to someone,” Masha Slamovich revealed. “For example, my current, the red and black snakeskin with a blood splatter, the blue one before that. And then the original Liger set where all three of those were paying tribute to Liger, and we’re all made in different colors because I liked that design. So I stuck with it.

“There’s been a bunch that were inspired by Dynamite Kid. There was one inspired by, I believe Konami, and sometimes, like, different parts of gear will be different inspirations. So it’s always from something. I never really take anything without meaning. So there’s always a little easter egg buried in all of my ring attire.

“So the next one is certainly going to be no different. And regarding the Bull Nakano face paint, I kind of came up with that last minute. I always think very deeply about my appearance and all of that stuff to try to make it as meaningful as possible. So whatever last-minute idea I get next time is going to be the next tribute.”

Check out the full interview with Masha Slamovich below:

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