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Image Credit: WWE

Wes Lee Names Three Challengers For Title Match At NXT Stand & Deliver

Dragon Lee will challenge for the gold at NXT Stand & Deliver.

Lee is the newest buzzworthy arrival in NXT. The former ROH and AAA star previously appeared in the crowd on NXT, and he came to the ring on the March 21 episode of the show. He made it clear that he wanted a spot in the North American Championship Match at NXT Stand & Deliver. The reigning champion, Wes Lee, agreed to give him a spot in the match.

JD McDonagh then confronted Wes Lee and teased his interest in challenging for the gold. McDonagh subsequently battled Ila Dragunov in a brutal, hard-hitting bout, and Dragon Lee was at ringside. McDonagh took a cheap shot and hit the newcomer. Dragon then took the fight to McDonagh. Lee, Dragunov, and McDonagh then brawled, and the champion dove onto all three men.

Later in the show, Wes Lee announced that McDonagh and Dragunov will have the third and fourth spots in the title match, and the fifth competitor will be determined in a Battle Royal on the March 28 episode of NXT.

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