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Tiffany Stratton: Gymnasts Are Naturally Good At Wrestling, WWE Should Recruit More Of Them

WWE NXT star Tiffany Stratton, who was a member of the 2016 U.S. National Gymnastics Team, describes how gymnasts are naturally good at wrestling, and they pick it up quickly.

Speaking on Under The Ring, Stratton was asked to describe what skills translate from gymnastics to wrestling.

“I would definitely say body control, and I feel like it helps with ring awareness,” Stratton said. “You always know kind of where you are in the ring, and also the mental aspect of it, like the discipline it takes to be a gymnast, I feel like I can conquer anything because of gymnastics. Wrestling is very difficult, and it’s difficult mentally, and you definitely need some mental strength to be a professional wrestler within WWE.”

The NXT star went on to describe how she feels like gymnasts come in and pick up wrestling very quickly, and she suggested that WWE should recruit more of them.

“I see a lot of gymnasts come in, and they pick it up insanely quick,” Stratton said. “I think there’s a trend with gymnasts in wrestling. They pick it up way faster than a track runner, someone who played soccer. I just think we need to recruit more gymnasts in general.”

Stratton then noted that she feels like both amateur wrestlers and gymnasts catch on quickly, She continued by stating that she feels like coaches and fans alike are starting to realize that gymnasts pick up wrestling quickly, and they’re naturally going to be good at it.

“I definitely feel like, I think they’ve noticed within the PC too, like the coaches realize that it’s always the gymnasts that catch on very quickly,” Stratton said. “I feel like the fans are starting to realize, okay, if they have a gymnastics background, they’re naturally gonna be good at this.”

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Stratton will compete in the semi-finals of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament on the May 23 episode of WWE NXT. WrestleZone will have coverage of the show as it airs.

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