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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Taz Needs Both Knees And Shoulders Replaced, Has No Desire For ‘One Last Match’

Taz will not be wrestling again.

The ECW legend has not wrestled full-time since 2002, and has been effectively retired for over twenty years. He returned to the ring at ECW One Night Stand 2006 for a match against Jerry Lawler. However, that bout lasted less than a minute, and only saw Taz lock in one submission on “The King”.

Throughout his time on commentary for WWE, TNA and AEW, Taz has not been tempted to step into the ring since. It is clear why, given his current health and the state of his body after years of wrestling and working out.

With his son, HOOK, wrestling for AEW, many fans expected him to get back in the ring for one last bout with his son. This is not the case.

Taz was asked how much he wanted one more match, and if it is still possible. The former ECW Champion responded on Twitter bluntly, ruling out any chance of a return to the ring. He noted that he is 56-years-old, needs shoulder and knee replacements, and simply does not want to wrestle again.

Taz reiterated that he is happy being an announcer, and is comfortable not wrestling again.

“Also, I had/have ZERO desire for “1 last match” for many years. No interest at all, once I left the ring years ago…I have been completely comfortable & happy about it. Back than, I focused moving onto my next career at the announced desk.”

Taz Needs Replacement Surgeries Because Of Weightlifting, Not Wrestling

Taz previously revealed that he needed knee and shoulder replacements. However, he said that his injuries were not caused by years of wrestling in the WWE and ECW.

Instead, he claims it was from “Training too heavy, like a caveman”. He fired a warning at the wrestlers of today to learn from him, and be smarter in the gym.

“Went to a highly acclaimed orthopedic surgeon yesterday to discuss my knee,” Taz wrote. “It’s been brutal for a couple of years, he did testing & X-rays on me. So, both of my shoulders & knees need to be replaced. 4 joints. I am not doing this right now. I’m gonna keep trying regenerative procedures & try to suck it up dealing with the pain.

“This is NOT from bumps… It’s from training too heavy like a caveman trying to be “big”. I’m posting this for today’s wrestlers, please be smarter, times have changed for the better!!”