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Matt Hardy On A Potential AEW Return: I Never Say Never About Any Place

Matt Hardy isn’t ruling out the possibility of returning to All Elite Wrestling in the future.

On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the TNA Wrestling star was asked if he’s open to returning to All Elite Wrestling. Hardy responded by saying he can never say never about any place.

“I mean, I never say never about any place. Like people say, ‘I would never go back there.’ I know Punk said that about WWE. ‘I would never go back there’ — don’t ever say that. If you’re a wrestler, you’re willing to go back anywhere. There’s a lot of things about AEW I really enjoyed.

“It’s just at the end, when Jeff came back, I felt like Jeff had tried to repent for his wrongdoings, and I felt like he had really worked hard to prove himself, and he was there, and he was a team player. And hopefully we’re going to get another opportunity, and once again, we got that opportunity, and that was not on Tony in the beginning, that was not on AEW, that was on Jeff.

“And that lies solely on Jeff as he’s the one that screwed up earlier on, and I am openly admitting that. That is me speaking honestly. And we would have loved to be able to get another opportunity to do that, and to work hard, to work smart, whatever else, and to have that last great run as a tag team and have done in AEW. I would have been okay doing that.

“But lo and behold, sometimes things don’t work out the way you hope they do. And sometimes you have to change course. Sometimes you have to go in a different door, and you have to just start moving your ass forward and keeping your chin up. And that’s where we’re at right now.”

When asked if he could fault Tony Khan and the AEW Front Office for not wanting to give another opportunity after their initial investment fell short, Hardy admitted he couldn’t fault them but believes things would have been different if the Young Bucks were calling the shots.

“No, I can’t fault them,” Matt Hardy responded. “I mean, I just feel like if you have the Hardys, we are extremely popular. We’re in the conversation for the greatest tag team of all time. I just don’t see how you don’t utilize this. I mean, once again, if it was the Bucks doing it, it would have been a different story. Once again, I love the Bucks. I mean, every time they got the opportunity when they wanted to work with someone, it would be us, me and Jeff. Or me, Jeff, and Isaiah, first off.

“That’s the biggest thing I miss from AEW; I just miss hanging out with the Bucks. Shooting the breeze with those guys, and talking shop and even working with them because the Bucks are great. Everybody knows here that’s no secret. I got lots of love for the Bucks. I really miss seeing them on a weekly basis, more than anything else.”

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What do you make of Matt Hardy’s comments overall? Would you like to see The Hardys back in All Elite Wrestling at some point? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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