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John Cena Is Serious About Retirement: I Will Be A Fan And Advocate, And That’s It

John Cena says he’s serious about his in-ring retirement.

Cena announced his plans for a retirement tour at WWE Money In The Bank in Toronto. Cena appeared at the post-show press conference and addressed his future plans. When asked what was next, Cena said that he wasn’t sure. However, he was clear that he intends to cease all physicality after he comeptes in his final match at WrestleMania 41.

“What’s next? I don’t know. What’s now? I’m in the middle of filming Peacemaker season two. They gave me a weekend off to come and have some fun,” Cena said. “And yes, the jorts will be retired. Man, just when they were coming back into fashion, too. [laughs]

“I do want to make it perfectly clear that when I say I’m done competing, I’m done. The uniform will be retired, you will see me in a suit and tie,” John Cena stated. “I have no intention on being physical in any way. No guest refereeing, no falling through an accidental table. None of that stuff. I will be a fan and an advocate, and that’s it.”

Cena announced several confirmed appearances he will make during his retirement, which includes WrestleMania 41.

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