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AEW Dynamite Results (7/10/24): Bryan Danielson Takes On Hangman Page

AEW Dynamite Results – July 10, 2024

This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite kicks off with a video recap of MJF’s promo from Collision on Saturday night.

AEW International Champion Will Ospreay comes to the ring to speak to the live crowd. Will Ospreay says he’s appalled and disgusted by what took place last week, but he’s not surprised. Ospreay says he’s heard MJF is one of the most insecure people in professional wrestling.

Will says MJF attacked Daniel Garcia due to his rising popularity and he felt threatened by him. Ospreay says MJF wants to blame the people for his attack on Garcia. Ospreay says he’s only had a few interactions with MJF, but he knows he doesn’t like him.

Will Ospreay says MJF doesn’t like him because the bidding war of 2024 didn’t go the way he wanted it to because Tony Khan would rather spend his money on a guy like him who’s there to elevate the company instead of someone who will tear it down. Ospreay says he has more talent in his left nut than MJF has in his entire body.

Ospreay says MJF doesn’t like him because he represents what AEW is meant to be. Will says MJF’s AEW tattoo is all about himself and the moment Ospreay stepped foot in AEW, he’s been cleaning up after someone else’s mess and now he knows who he’s been cleaning up after.

Will Ospreay knows some fans will cheer for MJF because he’s their scumbag, but he’s fine with that. Ospreay says MJF’s character is tired and stale after five years and he calls him out to the ring. Friedman’s music plays but he doesn’t come out, he appears on the Tron instead.

MJF responds to Will Ospreay via satellite on AEW Dynamite

MJF says the people don’t deserve the privilege of being that close to his greatness. Friedman says eventually fans will get tired of Ospreay because they’ve seen his routine and they’ll get sick of it and latch on to the next flippy guy.

MJF says if Ospreay gets in the ring with him, he’ll be exposed. MJF challenges Ospreay to a match next week for the AEW International Championship. Ospreay accepts his challenge and says he’ll see him next week.

A video package plays, hyping the Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Finals between Bryan Danielson and Hangman Page. That match is next!

Bryan Danielson defeated Hangman Page in the finals of the Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

  • Jeff Jarrett had to take over as referee after the original referee was taken out. Bryan Danielson locks Hangman Page with a pinning cradle to score the pinfall victory.

Martha Hart and Jeff Jarrett present Bryan Danielson the Owen Hart Foundation Cup and Championship in the ring. AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland comes to the ring with Prince Nana as Dynamite cuts to a commercial break.

Swerve Strickland will lead Team AEW for Blood and Guts

As they return from the commercial break, Danielson is no longer in the ring. Swerve Strickland says he’s the best in the world now after defeating Will Ospreay at Forbidden Door. Strickland congratulates Danielson on winning the Owen Hart Tournament but says he hasn’t gotten over the fact that Danielson has a victory over him and he wants it back.

Swerve announces he’s the next participant for Team AEW in Blood and Guts. Strickland says he’s going to lead Team AEW to victory against The Elite, something Danielson couldn’t do at Anarchy in the Arena. Strickland ends things by challenging Kazuchika Okada to a match in the near future.

A video package plays, hyping up the Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament finals between Mariah May and Willow Nightingale.

The Acclaimed debuted a new music video about their upcoming match with the Young Bucks.

FTW Champion Chris Jericho (w/ Bryan Keith) defeated Samoa Joe in a Stampede Street Fight

  • Chris Jericho runs Samoa Joe through a wall with a forklift. The doctors stopped the match and awarded the match to Jericho.

We later see Samoa Joe being taken out of the venue in an ambulance as Chris Jericho and friends wave at him and say goodbye.

PAC defeated Kyle Fletcher, Claudio Castagnoli, and Tomohiro Ishii in the Global Glory 4-Way Match

  • PAC locks Kyle Fletcher in the Brutalizer to score the win via submission.

The Bastard will get his Wembley moment

After the match, PAC gets on the microphone and says he’s suffered a lot of failures since returning to AEW. PAC says he will not be denied his Wembley moment and says tonight’s victory stands as a line in the sand, he will be back.

PAC will face the winner of next week’s AEW International Championship match between Will Ospreay and MJF at a later date.

Hangman Page approaches The Elite backstage after blowing off Renee Paquette and agrees to be the fifth member of The Elite for Blood and Guts later this month.

Mercedes Moné comes to the ring for her double championship toast. Moné says she’s out here to celebrate her double championship victory and thanks Matthew and Nicholas Jackson for the additional security tonight. Moné mocks Bret Hart and utilizes a version of his catchphrase which angers the crowd.

Mercedes says Britt Baker better stop thinking about facing her at All In. Britt Baker comes to the ring but is stopped by security. Baker lays them out one by one and gets into the ring as Moné runs away into the crowd.

Darby Allin returns and attacks Brandon Cutler in the parking lot. Allin calls out The Elite for Dynamite 250 next week.

It’s time… for the AEW Dynamite main event!

Mariah May (w/ Toni Storm and Luther) defeated Willow Nightingale in the finals of the Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

  • Mariah May reverses Willow Nightingale’s move with a victory roll to score the pinfall victory.

Once they get on the stage, May grabs the Owen Hart Cup Title and cracks Toni Storm in the face with it before whipping her with the title. Luther tries to get involved and May hits him as well and tosses him off the stage.

Toni Storm is bleeding as May digs the heel of Storm’s shoe into her forehead. Aubrey Edwards tries to break things up but gets taken down as well. May rubs her face on Storm’s to cover her face in blood as AEW Dynamite goes off the air.

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