WWE NXT Results (6/29): The First Rookie Is Eliminated!

Results Courtesy of PWInsider.com:

WWE NXT Results (6/29):

We are live from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Josh ‘Did you see me on Raw last night’ Mathews and Michael ‘Where is my e-mail machine’ Cole. Your host is Ashley Valence.

We go to Ashley Valence who welcomes everyone to NXT. She mentions that the voting has started on the website. The rookies are introduced.

Ashley tells them that tonight is the first step in their journey. She mentions that everyone is voting to determine the rookie’s future. Ashley points out that season one winner, Wade Barrett was never ranked below two. Ashley says that there is a surprise. In addition to the NXT poll, we are going to eliminate the wrestler in eighth place. She says that there is one way to avoid elimination.

We go to Matt ‘Stop hitting me’ Striker.

We have the first rookie challenge and the Keg Carry is back. The winner gets immunity.

Michael McGillicutty is first and he drops the keg almost immediately and he is disqualified. Matt says that those are the rules because it is NXT. Michael is asked for his comments. Michael says that he has carried kegs that were heavier. He says that he will be in first in the voting.