The Caribbean Report’s Joel Torres on Alberto Del Rio’s WWC Appearance, What’s Surprising About It?, WWE’s Involvement, more (Audio Included)

Joel came on to discuss the newly announced match between WWE US Champion Alberto Del Rio and Ray Gonzalez for WWC in Puerto Rico, what was surprising about the announcement, Del Rio’s relationship with the Colon family, WWE’s current relationship with WWC, how Del Rio has been booked in the WWE, more

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You can listen to Joel’s appearance starting at the 29:07 minute mark in the embedded audio player below. Some of his quotes have been transcribed below it:

On Del Rio’s match for WWC in December:

JT: Last year Ricardo Rodriguez visited Puerto Rico and faced Ray Gonzalez. WWC was supposed to bring Alberto Del Rio in but I don’t think the negotiations were handled as well. Now Alberto Del Rio returns to Puerto Rico to face Ray Gonzalez. Something that started last year. It’s crazy because we had the WWL, World Wrestling League, in Puerto Rico this year. Alberto Del Rio came with the WWL in January. He won the World Heavyweight Championship of WWL. He lost the title in August and then WWL, a few weeks ago, just closed. The company closed. Now Alberto Del Rio, as a former WWL Champion, he signs again with the WWE, he wins the US Championship and now comes back to Puerto Rico with the WWC. That’s the biggest wrestling company in Puerto Rico. That’s the part that of Alberto Del Rio coming back to Puerto Rico I find surprising. 

On how WWC was able to get Alberto Del Rio to perform for them while under a WWE contract:

JT: I know that Alberto Del Rio and the Colon family: Carlos Colon, Carlito, Primo and Epico. They have a great relationship. I also know that Alberto Del Rio wanted for a long time to work with the WWC. To make a few appearances. As I told you before the negotiations did not go well. Now the new negotiations could be made the shocking part is that he is WWE Superstar. That’s cool because everybody was talking a few months ago that Carlito was signing back with the WWE. Here in Puerto Rico we were celebrating Carlito going back. We thought Carlito was the guy who received the call.

On whether he thinks the WWE is trying to create a relationship with the WWC like they have EVOLVE: 

JT: That’s a good question. I don’t really know that. I do know that the relationship between Carlos Colon and Alberto Del Rio and all of his family is great. This is something that the WWC was trying to make happen last year and they couldn’t do it. Now, they are going to do it. I don’t know if there’s something between WWE and Carlos Colon. We know that WWC has been a big territory in the early years. You can hear that in The Caribbean Report. I don’t know if they are trying to make a negotiation with WWE and WWC and taking talents from WWE here to WWC. That’a something that happened with Andy Levine. Remember Andy Levine that won Tough Enough? In 2011 I think. He didn’t make it in WWE and they sent him here to WWC; Carlos Colon’s company. He wrestled here for like a whole year. I think that’s because they wanted to prepare him better. After that we don’t know anything about Andy Levine and his wrestling career. 

You can listen to the debut episode of The Caribbean Report in the embedded audio player below. The next edition will be released on 11.24.15 and Joel teases who their featured guest may be during his WrestleZone Daily appearance:

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