Tammy Sytch

Update On Sunny’s DUI Conviction Hearing Today & If She’ll Serve Jail Time, Watch Footage Of Ziggler / KFC Match Taped At Smackdown

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images


TMZ is reporting Tammy Sytch aka “Sunny” caught a break and avoided jail time after appearing in court today, citing her time spent in rehab as a reason. 

The report states Sytch’s attorney says she was sentenced today for her three DUI convictions from last year, but she was credited for time served for the 97 days she spent in a rehab center earlier this year. While she did avoid jail time, Sytch will serve 5 years probation with bi-weekly alcohol testing, along with 125 of community service and nearly $2,100 in fines. It was said the judge also called the situation one of zero-tolerance, meaning Sytch would be sent to jail for any mistakes. 

Sytch reportedly told TMZ she’s 152 days sober and is feeling great, and ready to stay on track. 

Dolph Ziggler 

Earlier this week we reported there was a segment taped after WWE Smackdown Live that featured Dolph Ziggler as Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Colonel Sanders fighting The Miz in a chicken suit. 

In addition to photos of the segment, which featured the two wrestling a match with KFC themed graphics in the arean, the following video was recently posted online featuring the match itself and the ending. It was noted that it’s still unknown where exactly the spot will be used, but KFC is one of the official WWE Summerslam sponsors, so it’s possible we could see it air soon.