TNA Impact Wrestling Results (9/15): Aron Rex’s in Ring Debut, Knockouts Title Match Signed for Bound for Glory, Moose Confronts Lashley!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

September 15th, 2016 

Report By Lovell Porter for

Broken Matt Hardy recounts the events of last week via video package. Broken Matt notes that his wife Rebecca has been traumatized, King Maxel was almost abducted, Brother Nero was mutilated, Senior Benjamin was kidnapped, and Vanguard 1 is missing. Broken Matt wheels Brother Nero to the lake and says the Seven Deities will heal him. Broken Matt essentially baptizes Brother Nero in the lake. When Brother Nero rises, he is wearing a dress shirt, tie, and his butt ugly old custom TNA world title. Brother Nero says the Champ is back and you can’t see him. Oh, also, he was smoking a cigarette. Broken Matt yells and tosses Jeff back into the water. Jeff rises again and he is back to his broken self. Matt proclaims that he has one member of his family back. Next, he will search for Vanguard One.