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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (10/13): Gail Kim Defends Against Maria, Multiple Titles on the Line, Huge Number One Contenders Match Signed for Next Week!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

October 13th, 2016 

Report By Lovell Porter for

In Ring Segment: Eddie Edwards

Edwards says he imagined being TNA champion for his entire life. The crowd chants “you deserve it”. Edwards says the only thing that comes to mind is: thank you. Thank you to all of the fans and everyone who supported him. Edwards says that he faced Bobby Lashley two times before. Each time Lashley defeated him. Something was different this last time. He knew he would defeat Lashley this time. Edwards says he is going to be a fighting champion. He beat Lashley before and he will do it again. Edwards says Lashley just needs to come out here if he wants some.

Lashley hits the ring and takes down Edwards. Lashley chokes Edwards in the middle of the ring. Lashley picks up the TNA championship. Edwards jumps on his back. Lashley tosses him off as if he was a small child. Lashley hits a Spear on Edwards. Lashley says he wants his rematch right now and calls out a Referee. Lashley grabs a chair. Moose and EC3 hit the ring to protect Edwards. Lashley begs off.