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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (12/8) – Edwards vs EC3 For The World Title, Galloway Returns, Apocalypto Is Upon Us

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

December 8th, 2016 

Report By Joshua Lopez for 

Moose, Drew Galloway and Aron Rex In-Ring Promo:

Moose has devoted his life to sports. He fought for one thing, championships. The Impact Grand Championship is Moose’s first major title in professional wrestling. He didn’t do it alone. He dedicates his title reign to the Impact Zone. Moose promises to be a fighting champion. Drew Galloway comes down to the ring to interrupt Moose. Galloway has been gone for awhile. Galloway says that Moose should know his history. Moose knows who Galloway is. Galloway says that he’s back. Galloway has a story to tell. He designed the Impact Grand Championship for himself.

Galloway fought on behalf of the company during the tournament. Unfortunately, Galloway got injured once he reached the finals. Moose is in the pre-season and competing against Galloway is like playing in the SuperBowl. Galloway asks Moose if they should burn this bitch to the ground? Moose asks The Impact Zone if they want to see Moose kick Galloway’s ass? Aron Rex appears on the stage. Let’s have a big hand for Drew Galloway. Rex would love to shake hands with Galloway, but he doesn’t want Galloway to be injured again. Rex says that he was robbed last week. 3 seconds shouldn’t define a winner. Rex threatens to sue the Impact Zone for harassment. Rex is invoking his rematch clause right now.