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Tommy Dreamer Talks Curt Hawkins Leaving House of Hardcore for WWE, Calls Recent Joey Styles Controversy “Complete and Utter BS”

House of Hardcore star Tommy Dreamer recently spoke with Wrestledelphia to promote tonight’s Steel Cage match in which Dreamer will face Matt Hardy at House of Hardcore 22 in Philadelphia. Below are some interview highlights:

Let me ask you about Brian Myers, aka Curt Hawkins. That was his last match before going back to WWE, where he really hasn’t been on TV much. Do you think he should have stayed with HOH?

“Yeah, but like I’ve told a lot of people, until I’m able to pay people enough money or give them a salary, they have to do what they have to do. I lived through that in ECW. He was getting married. Eventually he wants to have children. He needed to go back. Until you have the financial security as a business owner to provide people with jobs, you can’t hold that against them. If he left WWE tomorrow, I’d use him the next day. It’s ok.”

I haven’t seen you comment on the Joey Styles situation. How do you feel about everything that went down?

“I thought it was complete and utter BS. You can’t fire somebody from an independent company unless you’re giving them full-time salary. It did not have to be made public. It could have just been ‘hey, after the show I’m not going to use you anymore, thank you, and goodbye.’ But that wasn’t the case. If there was ever a person who is a great human being, an amazing husband, an amazing father, an all-around great person, it’s Joey Styles.

“There was people then calling him racist, homophobic. If there was ever a miscast upon somebody, where it got him to be so, I want to say upset, not even mad about the business, where he just stopped being on social media because he was heartbroken as an individual. It was all BS, could have been avoided, should have been avoided, but it’s ok because he moved forward.”