Impact Wrestling Results (5/18): Low-Ki Defends the X-Division Championship in Ultimate X, and Much More!

impact_coverageImpact Wrestling Results

May 18th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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GFW Tag Team Tournament: Impact World Tag Team Champions LAX w/Diamante, Konnan, and Homicide vs Garza Jr. and The Lorado Kid

Santana starts the match off with Kid. Santana mushes Garza Jr in the face. Ortiz and Garza Jr. both get in the ring. Garza Jr. lifts Kid in the air and he dropkicks both members of LAX. Santana and Ortiz roll out of the ring. Kid and Garza Jr both moonsault to the outside onto Santana and Ortiz. Back in the ring, Kid and Garza Jr. hit a wheelbarrow stunner. Garza Jr. tags himself in as Ortiz hits a death valley driver on Kid. Garza Jr. dives off the top onto Ortiz. Santana dropkicks Garza. Ortiz and Santana hit a back breaker leg drop combo. Homicide attacks Garza Jr. on the outside. Ortz dives over the top rope onto Garza Jr. Lax beats down Kid. Kid tags in Garza Jr. Garza does hit pants rip bit. Kid and Garza hit a combo superplex off the top. As they land Santana dives off the opposite turnbuckle and frog splashes Kid. After a short break, LAX is beating down Kid. Kid surprises Santana with a tornado DDT. Kid and Garza Jr. hit a combination knee/topé. Santana hits the code red on Garza Jr. LAX hits their finish for the win.

Winners- LAX

Backstage, Magnus confronts Bill Prichard and blames him for losing the GFW title. Prichard tells Magnus it is on him what happened. Magnus says he is going to show Prichard what he can do and walks away.