WWE RAW Results (7/10): Reigns and Samoa Joe Challenge Lesnar, Wyatt and Rollins Clash in the Main Event!

wwe raw resultsWWE Raw Results

July 10th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In Ring Segment: Big Cass

Cass stands in the ring making strange faces. Cass eventually asks the crowd how they are doing. Cass says he couldn’t feel any better after he destroyed Enzo Amore last night. Cass narrates a few still shots from the match last night. Cass notes that he threw Enzo out of the ring and out of his life. The best part of last night wasn’t Cass standing over Enzo but what happened after. Cass shows a video of Enzo being helped to the back by referees. Cass says he wants to put everyone in the back on notice. That goes from the bottom straight to the top. Everyone who may want to hop on the bandwagon, don’t’ bother. Don’t try to hop on the Big Cass Bandwagon now. To everyone who doubted him, he will be the Universal Champion. Cass is going to hold up the title and shove it down everyone’s throats. No one can look eye to eye with Cass. He is seven feet tall! The Big Show’s music hits and Show walks to the ring. Cass and Show stare daggers at each other. Cass gets in Show’s face and says something that is inaudible. Show headbutts Cass. Show takes Cass down and gator rolls him (yes, that actually happened. Show tries to toss Cass out of the ring but Cass crumples onto the bottom rope. Show kicks Cass in the butt. Cass eventually rolls out of the ring.